Kenn's Laws

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Kenn's Law #86
To many the most valuable asset is control.

Kenn's Law #85

For every Kenn's Law there is at least one person who claims he/she thought of it first.

Kenn's Law #84

A simple way to prove a man is tone deaf is convince him to sing. A simple way to prove a liberal is insane is convince him to talk. 

Kenn's Law #83

It's time for a president who doesn't "act presidential."

Kenn's Law #82

If nice guys finished last, prisons would not be filled with bad guys.

Kenn's Law #81

Academia is the incubator of cultural insanity.

Kenn's Law #80

Nothing sacred is sacred to the regressive left.

Kenn's Law #79

There may be moderate Muslims but there is no moderate Islam.

Kenn's Law #78

You can't not believe something. 

Kenn's Law #77

It's never right to be wrong to be relevant.

Kenn's Law #76

Nothing is more deceptive than truth told in part.

Kenn's Law #75

Be on the right side of liberty; not the right side of history.

Kenn's Law #74

Intelligence disparity is expressed as income disparity in free market economies.

Kenn's Law #73

The regressive left consistently defers free speech using the pretext of "hate speech."

Kenn's Law #72

When they can't compete, they'll say you cheat. 

Kenn's Law #71

One man's truth is another man's heresy.

Kenn's Law #70

Inconsistency is consistently consistent among the regressive left

Kenn's Law #69

I'm a person, not a pejorative. 

Racist, xenophobe, Islamophobe, homophobe, redneck, white trash, etc. are pejoratives.

Kenn's Law #68

Media: To not cover black-on-white crime is to cover up black-on-white crime.

Kenn's Law #67

The globalist paradigm follows this bogus syllogism:

1. If you're not a globalist, you are a nationalist. 
2. Nationalists are Nazis. 
3. Therefore, if you're not a globalist, you're a Nazi. 

(See Kenn's Law #56)

Kenn's Law #66

We believe what we see, then see what we believe.

Kenn's Law #65

Minimum requirements for me to join a group are:

a) Group members must cover the backsides each other.

b) Group members must not shoot each other in the backside.

I've yet to find that group. 

Kenn's Law #64

Pseudo-feminists consider white male chivalry to be white male chauvinism.

Kenn's Law #63

You can believe your own eyes or you can believe the media, but you can't believe both.

Kenn's Law #62

Think about what you are talking about before you talk about what you are thinking about.

Kenn's Law #61

Questions are asked for one of two reasons: Either to solicit an answer are to solicit an argument.

Kenn's Law #60

I notice that most people who hate me do so -- not because of something I said or did -- but because of something someone said I said or did.

Kenn's Law #59

Never go to battle alongside those who won't cover your backside.

Kenn's Law #58

Marxists are delusional in believing their view that no people group can be superior to other people groups is superior to my view that all people groups are, in some way, superior to all others.

Kenn's Law #57

Every person is in some way both superior and inferior to every other person.

Kenn's Law #56

If you're not a globalist, you're a nationalist.

(See Kenn's Law #67)

Kenn's Law #55

Know the difference between one who is friendly and one who is a friend. 
The friendliest people you will ever meet are used care salesmen. 

Kenn's Law #54

Don't be loyal to those who aren't loyal to you.

Kenn's Law #53

When it's black-on-white, it's a game. When it's white-on-black it's a crime.
Example: Black thugs play the "knock out game." White thugs commit "hate crimes."

Kenn's Law #52

Marxism will always sacrifice prosperity to achieve parity. 

Kenn's Law #51

We tend to fight and quarrel more with our friends than with our enemies.

Kenn's Law #50

Everyone is an extremist to some extreme. 

Kenn's Law #49

If his views seem extreme to you, then your views seem extreme to him. That is, extremism is relative to the "extremist."

Kenn's Law #48

All belief systems are ultimately pathological. 

Kenn's Law #47

If banks refuse credit to blacks, it's discrimination. 

If banks issue credit to blacks, it's predatory lending.

Kenn's Law #46

Marxists group humanity into two philosophical world views: (1) Themselves and (2) extremists. 

Kenn's Law #45

Communism is one corporation that maintains an absolute monopoly.

Kenn's Law #44

Marxism convinces us to exchange quality of life for equality of life. 

Kenn's Law #43

Were the majority always right, the earth actually was the center of the universe and Democrats would never be elected. 

Kenn's Law #42

The climate change cult exists for one reason: To give governments an excuse to control. 

Kenn's Law #41

Incompetence coupled with authoritarianism begets poverty. 

Kenn's Law #40

Innovation coupled with free markets begets prosperity.

Kenn's Law #39

Most anyone can convince most anyone to hate most anyone by accusing most anyone of being a racist. 

Kenn's Law #38

The concept of cultural Marxism can be condensed to one simple sentence: White people are the oppressing bourgeois and non-white people are their oppressed proletariat.

Kenn's Law #37

Truth takes precedence over perceived prudence.

Kenn's Law #36

Immediately after liberals accuse you of racism, they will announce the date. "Don't know know it's [year]!"

Kenn's Law #35

Being old, fat, ugly, and broke is more liberating than one may think.

Kenn's Law #34

Sometimes extremists do extremely extreme things so the extremism of other extremists doesn't seem so extreme. 

Kenn's Law #33

The only place in America where white-on-black violence is more prevalent that black-on-white violence is Hollywood, Calif. 

Kenn's Law #32

Humans don't always believe what they see but, rather, see what they believe. 

Kenn's Law #31

Critics are like tone-deaf karaoke singers. They have no talent but draw much attention.

Kenn's Law #30

Don't die for a lie.

Kenn's Law #29

The liberal allusion to inclusion is an illusion.

Kenn's Law #28

Tax hikes beget spending spikes.

Kenn's Law #27

A most effective means of deprogramming minds infected with the cultural Marxism virus is exposing those minds to reality. 

Kenn's Law #26 

Never do Facebook with church people. 

Kenn's Law #25

Tell the truth. Embrace the consequences.

Kenn's Law #24

Never befriend money. It will walk out on you when you need it the most.

Kenn's Law #23

Fight the good fight. Infighting is not the good fight.  

Kenn's Law #22

Be everyone's friend and no one's fool.

Kenn's Law #21

Some people aren't happy unless they're unhappy.

Kenn's Law #20

Many want to see it done; few want to do it.

Kenn's Law #19

Bad writers call good writers 'bad writers' because it makes bad writers feel like good writers.

Kenn's Law #18

Kindness is contingent upon context.

Kenn's Law #17

Society can always be improved, but can never be perfected.

Kenn's Law #16

Urban blight follows white flight.

Kenn's Law #15

We 'act out' what we believe. If you believe the wrong thing, you will behave the wrong way.

Kenn's Law #14

You will never meet a cult member who knows he is a cult member.

Kenn's Law #13

Whenever a white person defends him/herself against violence, the white person will be identified as the racist aggressor and the attacker the victim. 

Kenn's Law #12

Conservatives believe in equality at the starting line. 

Leftists believe in equality at the finish line. 

Kenn's Law #11

We think God thinks what we think we think he should think.

Kenn's Law #10

Remove one's compass and any direction can be north.

Kenn's Law #9

The objective is to be objective.

Kenn's Law #8

We tend to find what we're looking for.

Kenn's Law #7

Believing the world is round or flat has no bearing on its roundness or flatness.

It is what it is regardless what we believe it is. 

Or, 'is is.'

Kenn's Law #6

The person who asks questions controls the debate.

Kenn's Law #5 [The 40-40 Law]

If you're forty pounds or more overweight and forty years old or older,

no one in their right  mind is lusting after your body.

Kenn's Law #4

Each tweak made by government to improve a given policy will result in compounded flaws as the tweaks, themselves, are inherently rife with errancy and, therefore, will require manifold tweaking.

Kenn's Law #3

Every major news story will be accompanied by at least one major conspiracy theory.

Kenn's Law #2

If liberals were logical they wouldn't be liberals.

Kenn's Law #1

Liberals will reduce every conversation to an accusation of white racism.

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